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Diary of Broken Spirit

Published in Rediff

Staying inside the apartment has become too claustrophobic. Normally my favourite little cosy retreat, it is now suffocating because of the television coverage and the non-stop phone calls. No matter how much I try to lift my spirits, the ghost of the World Trade Centre won’t leave me.

It’s been three days I have been stuck at home. My workplace, a financial bank located just three blocks from the World Trade Centre, is, I hear, surrounded by the National Guard. It is, apparently, being treated like a crime scene. Every three hours I get an update from work, regarding how the Securities and Exchange Commission is desperately trying to get the exchange up and running in a brave attempt to show that everything is normal. But can we go back to work and pretend everything is normal in Death Valley?

I attempt to log on to my workplace server to check my e-mail and, for the first time in three days, I can actually do so. Maybe things are actually coming back to normal. “Are you okay?” seems to be the theme of everybody’s e-mail. So many people worried about me? Friends from college, friends from grade three, relatives from Bangladesh — all wrote after failing to reach me by phone. Even the ex-girlfriend, the one who did not speak to me for four years, wrote a line.

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