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‘I was conned’ – Encounter with Imran Khan


Published in the Forum (December 2007) 

Two months ago, when I went to see Imran Khan present his case to an audience in England, my prime interest was in asking what made him support General Pervez Musharraf in the first place? I did not have to wait very long. When the Q & A started, that was the one of the first questions asked.

Khan’s reply to the question was short and apologetic: “I was conned.”


“I thought he was the messiah who had come to save us from the political corruption that ruled our country for years. But pretty soon I realised that was not the case.” ”When I was close to Gen Musharraf, the ISI would come to me and show me the detailed file on all the politicians and all their corruption. But soon I saw that the very same information was used not to try them but to extort them so that they would join his political party.”

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All Issues are Connected – Shabana Azmi


“All Issues are connected”

A Conversation with Shabana Azmi
By Asif Saleh
With her outspoken stand against fundamentalism and communalism, Shabana Azmi has now become the icon of the South Asian activists worldwide. I met with the activist Shabana recently on behalf of Drishtipat and talked with her candidly on her philosophy, life and the social issues she is working on. And her answers, just like her, were hardhitting and straight to the point.

Asif: From slum dwellers rights to fights against fundamentalism, you have so far worked on a number of issues, what is the issue that is closest to your heart?

Shabana: All the issues are connected. From the slum dwellers rights to the issue of communalism — they are connected in certain ways. When communal riots happen, it affects the slum dwellers the most. They become the victims because they are the weakest in the society. I got involved with an organization called Nivara Hakk Suraksha Samiti which sees itself as an agitational group that fights for the rights of the slum dwellers in Bombay. We are helping almost about 40 slums in Bombay to fight for their rights. Here we see that all the issues that we work for helps these people regardless. However, I strongly believe that ultimately it is women’s empowerment that is the key to development of any nation. If we keep the women down and oppressed, we will never be able to move ahead in this world.

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