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When the Youth of 2004 met Women of 1971

Inside an Indian restaurant called “Curry in a Hurry” in Manhattan, New York, fifteen excited South Asians gathered for dinner and discuss their plans for an upcoming event they are organizing. Mona Rahman works for a public relations firm. She has been born and brought up in this country. Labiba Ali has moved from Bangladesh a few years ago and is studying undergraduate. Anita Rahman left Bangladesh when she was one and is now working as a Graphics designer at a local nonprofit. Cal Jahan left when he was 12 and is doing his post graduate studies in Columbia University. Arif, an IT professional, left Bangladesh after his Intermediate exam. Novita s family got OP 1 visa and left the country when she was sixteen. A Software Engineer, she now works at the top investment bank Morgan Stanley. All of them were at early to late twenties. However, all of these young folks were not meeting for social networking on a Friday night; but believe it or not, they were there to plan for an event to honor the women victims of the liberation war of 1971.

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