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Much Ado About Adda

Iffat brings the definition of Adda perfectly — “sense of lightness, of wholehearted laughs and clever jokes, of juicy gossips and inactiveness, sitting pretty with a moving mouth-Bengalis definition of a perfectly wonderful time, doing Adda.” Too bad she contradicts herself later saying “Addas aren’t meant for criticizing absent individuals”. But an integral part of adda is gossiping — and is gossiping about someone really possible with the person being present? Last time I checked, it caused fistfights.

Jokes aside, I have often thought about why we so rarely have quality addas here (in foreign land) like good old days in Bangladesh. Yes, as Iffat states, there are high-minded know-it-alls which kill the spirit of addas. But putting everyone in that same bracket and blaming individuals as the reason for the demise of adda in the foreign land would be a little to simplistic. Did the addabajes from Bangladesh suddenly lose their appetite for adda when they moved here? Not really. Its just that they haven’t found each other.

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