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My Father, The Hero

Published in Star Weekend Magazine

Ever since the doctors told him, “Mr. Saleh, you have bad cells”, his fate was sealed. A perfectly honest and seemingly healthy man has been given a death sentence. The doctors gave him three months time or less. The phone rang at three thirty AM in New York in mid October. My sister, Lopa, called from North Carolina crying. My mother had just called her from Bangkok telling her about this death sentence. My head started spinning. How can this be possible? I just saw him off in New York two weeks ago – saw off a perfectly healthy man, telling him that I would see him again in Dhaka in two months. How can this be possible? I picked up the phone and called Bangkok. My mother was calm as steal. “Your father is crying”, she said. The doctor had just told him the news – “Mr. Saleh, you have bad cells.” My mother gave the phone to him. I tried to be calm and composite and was getting ready to say “Bapi, don’t be afraid, you have fought so many times before. You will fight again.” But letting a voice out of my choked up throat became the hardest thing to do. I gave the phone to my wife Eeshita. All she could say was “Hello”. I don’t know if she heard the muffled voice of my father or whether she heard him cry but she could not speak anymore either. Thus we received the news that our father only has a few days left as cancer had spread all over his body.

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