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Violence is not the only way to be heard

Published in Guardian Cif ;

After the border guards’ mutiny, Bangladeshi politicians have to ensure disgruntled sections of society feel they have a voice.

It has been two weeks since the ghastly Pilkhana massacre in Bangladesh, and the brutality of the incident has been so traumatising that Bangladeshis are still searching for answers and closure. Inside the headquarter of the border security guards (BDR) of Bangladesh, soldiers revolted against their superior officers. The subsequent discovery of execution-style murders, torture and rape has put the idea that this revolt was merely about pay into serious doubt.


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Daring to Dream

Published in Guardian Comment Is Free


Two miracles happened in Bangladesh yesterday. Firstly, 80% of the Bangladeshi electorate – a record number – voted in one of the most peaceful elections in the country’s history. Secondly, they voted for a party that believes in secularism and by a majority big enough for it to control 85% of the parliamentary seats.

It’s a resounding endorsement of democracy and an emphatic victory for pluralism in the world’s second-largest Muslim majority country. Although International media finds it easy to do a stereotypical portrayal of the “dysfunctional two begums“, the real story of Bangladesh, however, is in the details.



Say no to national security council

Published in the New Age (02 Feb 2008)

In countries where strong democratic institutions exist and where the military has never offered any threat to take over the state machinery, NSC has been used to deal with external threats and coordinate defence strategies. However, in countries where the military has been a dominant force in internal politics, NSC has been used to institutionalise the military’s role in politics, writes Asif Saleh

Jillur Ahmed, Channel I host of Tritiyo Matra: So is National Security Council coming?
General Moeen U Ahmed: Well, we have been hearing about it since last year. Let’s see. It’s there in India and Pakistan – so why not in Bangladesh?

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‘I was conned’ – Encounter with Imran Khan


Published in the Forum (December 2007) 

Two months ago, when I went to see Imran Khan present his case to an audience in England, my prime interest was in asking what made him support General Pervez Musharraf in the first place? I did not have to wait very long. When the Q & A started, that was the one of the first questions asked.

Khan’s reply to the question was short and apologetic: “I was conned.”


“I thought he was the messiah who had come to save us from the political corruption that ruled our country for years. But pretty soon I realised that was not the case.” ”When I was close to Gen Musharraf, the ISI would come to me and show me the detailed file on all the politicians and all their corruption. But soon I saw that the very same information was used not to try them but to extort them so that they would join his political party.”

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