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Curious Case of Monowara Buttons

In Dhaka ….

After the Pilkhana massacre, the city is angry as hell and speculation has really become the favourite national sport. I have never seen people more negative about this country’s future…..But then there are the silver
linings…. There are still people like Monwara whom I met this morning and the kind of person I don’t usually meet in my dhaka daily life.

She opened up a factory for buttons made up of coconut shells. She has a small machine for it. Recently got orders to make 100,000 of them for a ready made garments shop. She is also marketing a home grown herbal, oganic tea, gave a proposal to the Agriculture ministry for better ways of preserving seeds for crops which got accepted ……a simple housewife now employing 50+ people with 30 more in training. Full of new ideas on how to make change around her surroundings.

Monowara lives in Gaibandha. She gave me a packet of her Tulshi tea. I am sipping this organic, herbal tea as I am writing this. Simply amazing. She wants help with marketing the product.

These are the stories that make me hopeful that the country will turn around…


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